The next generation of customizable
high-performance materials

Lighter, thinner, tougher, sustainable & biocompatible

SVX is set to improve the lives of millions of people by opening the door to a plethora
of environmentally-friendly groundbreaking products

Seevix is currently focusing ON
2 MAIN industry verticals


Integrated into polymers and bio-medical materials, SVX™ enhances their mechanical and biological properties, addressing significant unmet medical needs in fields such as 3D scaffolds for tissue engineering & 3D bio-ink, surgical sutures, implants and medical devices.

Composite materials

SVX enhances the properties of existing and new composite materials, such as polyurethane, latex, nylon and other polymers, thus enabling the development of new and advanced polymers for a variety of industries.


We work with multinational industry leaders to develop new applications in response
to specific needs for stronger, safer, lighter, longer-lasting and more sustainable materials and products.
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