Enhancing & advancing medical care

Integrated into commonly used polymers and bio-medical materials, SVX™ enhances their mechanical properties and biocompatibility, thereby addressing significant unmet medical needs.

These new composite bio-medical materials can be used in 3D tissue engineering technologies as well as in medical devices which require higher strength, durability and impact absorbance, better wear & tear resistance, lighter weight, miniaturization and antimicrobial properties.


ECM-like support for 3D bioprinting of tissues and organs.

3D scaffolds

Lightweight, durable and biocompatible scaffolds for soft-tissue reconstructive surgery, knee and ligament repair, surgical meshes, dental and orthopedic implants.

Wound healing

Bio-dressing, loaded, for example, with anti-microbials, capable of slow release to support tissue regeneration and healing.


Surface coatings to modify biocompatibility of materials such as those used in reconstructive implants, catheters, leads, valves and stents.

Features that promote safer, more efficient care

Improves tissue regeneration and healing
Active molecule loading and controlled release
Withstands pressure,
tension and stress
Biocompatible &