SVX™ Spidersilk

Man made. True spidersilk. At scale.

By resequencing the spidersilk gene and controlling its cellular micro-environment, we are able to induce the fiber’s spontaneous self-assembly on a commercial scale. This unique and critical capability endows our fiber with spidersilk’s superior natural properties and enables their integration into new composite materials.

A New World

of Enriched Materials

SVX’s unique properties are assimilated into new composites that can be used to create thinner, lighter, tougher, biocompatible products.

200% increase in composite toughness.
Up to 5000% increase in modulus.

A Perfect Fit For Medical Products

Integrated into commonly used polymers and bio-medical materials, SVX™ enhances their mechanical and biological properties, thereby addressing significant unmet medical needs.

Surgical Sutures
Surgical Sutures

Thinner and stronger to induce
healing and reduce scarring

Tissue Engineering
Tissue Engineering

Tougher biocompatible scaffolds
that increase cell vitality

Medical Devices
Medical Devices

Enhanced performance through lighter
& tougher composite materials

About Seevix

Based on over a decade of academic research performed at the Hebrew University, Seevix was founded in 2014 to revolutionize material science by using spidersilk’s unique natural properties to create high-performance products and materials.

We are passionate about science. We employ a remarkable multidisciplinary R&D team of biologists, chemists and engineers
to ensure we remain a cut above the rest.

We seek collaborations with industry leaders interested in powerful product innovation