A new world of spidersilk innovations

Repurposing nature for high-performance products

Seevix manufactures SVX™, a state-of-the-art biopolymer material,

inspired by spidersilk, capable of endowing everyday products with all of its outstanding properties.

When assimilated into various materials, SVX™ enhances their physical properties,

enabling the development of sustainable, lighter, thinner & tougher composites

as building blocks for the next generation of customizable, high-performance products

that will change the way we live.

SVX™ unlocks one of
nature's greatest secrets

Spidersilk in nature is the toughest
fiber known to man

6X stronger
than high
tensile steel
1/5 the weight
of high
tensile steel
up to 35%
without tearing
Chemically resilient, durable up to +230°C

SVX™ eco-friendly spidersilk

Xtra strong
Green manufacturing

We are not about spiders...

We are only inspired by their silk