Breakthrough in the field of 3D cell culture

Improved spheroids using our spider silk biomimicry technology.


Improve your spheroid, organoid or co-culture model

SpheroSeev is a recombinant bio-polymer fiber with the strength and elasticity of spider silk, providing mechanical support and ECM-like environment for organoid formation in a consistent and reproducible manner.

Better Viability, Longevity and Functionality

Confocal image of a spheroid containing SpheroSeev fibers (green) with cells (blue).

Confocal image of a stained SpheroSeev fibers.

Improve your chances of successful research:

SpheroSeev combines the advantages of scaffold-based and scaffold-free technologies.

SpheroSeev fibers’ nano and micro dimensions are similar to the natural ECM, providing a tissue-like environment for cells.

SpheroSeev fibers have high porosity, enabling better access to oxygen and nutrients, thereby supporting prolonged viability and functionality.

SpheroSeev fibers have extra strength and elasticity, providing mechanical cushioning and protection to individual cells within the organoid.


Drug discovery      Stem cells research      Cancer research      Tissue engineering

3D bioprinting


Drug discovery

Stem cells research

Cancer research

Tissue engineering

3D bioprinting

Results in just a few days!

SpheroSeev’s proven benefits for your cell culture research:

SpheroSeev fibers’ nano and micro dimensions are similar to the natural ECM, providing a tissue-like environment for cells

Spheroid created with primary hepatocytes (left) compared with larger spheroid created with hepatocytes and SpheroSeev (right).

  1. Confocal image of a stained SpheroSeev fibers
  2. TEM image of microfiber comprised of 10 nm nanofibers (insert)
SpheroSeev enables cells to maintain their natural shape and interact with each other in a physiological manner, improving their viability and functionality in the spheroid format

Adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) cultured as spheroid with SpheroSeev demonstrate tissue-like spread morphology and higher viability than spheroid without SpheroSeev. [Green – viable cells, Red – dead cells]

SpheroSeev fibers have high porosity, enabling better access to oxygen and nutrients, thereby delaying the formation of a necrotic core

L929 cell line cultured as spheroid with SpheroSeev demonstrates delayed necrotic core formation and higher viability.
[Stained with PI and CalceinAM] [Green – viable cells, Red – dead cells]

Superior viability

ATP quantification test on primary rat hepatocytes shows that after 40 days spheroids with SpheroSeev have the same viability levels as the control spheroids in their first two weeks of culture.

Better longevity

SpheroSeev increases rat hepatocyte spheroid longevity for over 41 days compared with non-SpheroSeev spheroids, which disintegrate after ~20 days.

Exceptional functionality

Albumin secretion test on primary rat hepatocytes shows that even after 20 days the spheroid with SpheroSeev retains good functionality while the control tissue shows no activity at all.

Increased viability of DU145 cancer cell line

ATP quantification test on DU145 spheroids show that ATP level is higher when SpheroSeev concentration is greater.

SpheroSeev maintains stem cell spheroid differentiation

hMSCs spheroids with and without SpheroSeev were cultured in adipogenic/osteogenic differentiation medium for 19 days
[Stained with oil red and alizarin red respectively]

Better functionality with SpheroSeev

SpheroSeev rat hepatocyte spheroids have higher basal and induced activity compared with control spheroids.

Use SpheroSeev to better mimic natural morphology and behavior of cells, increase the productivity of your research, and reduce overall study costs and time

Here’s more of why to use SpheroSeev in your research:

  • Easy to use (a 5-minute process)
  • Long shelf life and sterile (up to 1 year)
  • Maximum flexibility to manipulate the 3D cell culture environment for different needs
  • High consistency for reproducible cell-based assays
  • Minimal protocol adaption to switch from 2D or currently used 3D
  • Compatible with automated handling and imaging equipment
  • Does not degrade or undergo alteration over the course of an experiment

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